Computer Arts and Creative Media | Coordenador: Adérito Fernandes Marcos

This research group aims at investigating both computer and media technology and the design of highly appealing and engaging aesthetic experiences/experiments, which support the development of creative and innovative computational artifacts, strongly intertwined with artistic usage scenarios, of an interculturally and socially interventionist nature, allowing us to understand and extend the boundaries of art and technology, of culture, education and entertainment, along with their implications in everyday life.

Archive and Memory | Coordenador: Pedro Alfonso Ferré

This research group brings together researchers whose activity focuses primarily on both the creation and the development of literary and artistic archives of patrimonial importance, as well as the analytical and theoretical reflection derived from them.

The issue of cultural memory, its preservation, protection and diffusion appears, therefore, as the axis that gives coherence to the group’s activity, summoning, naturally, an intersection from several areas of knowledge and different practices, ranging from the visual arts, literary studies, philology, new technologies, new media, ethnography, anthropology or the creation in a digital environment.

Text & Scene | Coordenador: Armando Nascimento Rosa

The group deepens the research and the creation applied around a binomial nuclear to the theater, from a broad understanding of the term ‘ text ‘ — this term covering not only the verbalized drama that the scene manipulates and appropriates, but also a whole diverse range of textual genres, which integrate those multiple nonverbal elements that shape the contemporary ways of understanding the scenic and performative score.

Literacies and Communication | Coordenador: Vítor Manuel Reia-Baptista

The group aims at developing research projects that can contribute to the acquisition of advanced knowledge about the different communicative dimensions in the foremost artistic activities of modern societies, in the history, the theory and the research applied to languages, to technologies, and to media and their respective literacy. The group also intends to keep the doors open to other research activities that can contribute to a better understanding of the different arts and crafts present in multiple processes of mass communication, which form some of the most current and predominant means of cultural consumption.