Email: fpaulino@ismai.pt

Brief CV: Fernando Faria Paulino, has earned a PhD in Anthropology (specializing in Visual Anthropology). He is currently an Assistant Professor at the University Institute of Maia (ISMAI), in the Department of Communication Sciences and Information Technology (in the areas of audiovisual communication, multimedia communication, visual semiotics, documentary film, hypermedia and photography), an integrated researcher at CITEI Research Centre in Technologies and Intermedia Studies, and a lead researcher at CIAC Centre for Research in Arts and Communication / University of Algarve. He is the Coordinator of the Undergraduate Degree in Multimedia Communication Technology at the University Institute of Maia, the Coordinator of the CLM Multimedia Lab Center at ISMAI, as well as the Coordinator of LabCCCom Communication Sciences Center, a Multiplatform Audiovisual Studio at ISMAI. In addition, he is a Visiting Professor at the University of Murcia and at the University of Cape Verde.

Research Interests: anthropology, visual anthropology and anthropology of visual communication; methodology, technology and epistemology of images and visual and audiovisual culture; visual semiotics and visual culture; digital media, multimedia / hypermedia, documentary film and documentary photography; interactive documentary, i-docs and web-docs; anthropology, cultural heritage, culture and tourism development.

Latest Publications:

Paulino, Fernando F; Barbosa, Renata. 2017. “Recording the Intangible Heritage of the City in the Metropolitan Area of Porto”, International Conference Cities’ Identity through Architecture and Art, In Proceedings of the International Conference on Cities’ Identity through Architecture and Art, Cairo.
Paulino, Fernando; Oliveira, Ana. 2017. “European Creativity and Urban Regeneration”, The Journal of Public Space 2, 2: 127 – 140.

Paulino, Fernando F. 2015. Património e Memória. Vestígios de uma viagem. In Vestígios. ISBN: 978-989-20-5582-4. Porto: Adriana de Melo

Paulino, Fernando F; Silva, Mário M. D.; Silva, Bruno M. 2015. O Documentário por meio do videojogo. In Arte, Tecnologia e Poéticas Contemporâneas, ed. José Albio Moreira de Sales, Bruno Miguel dos Santos Mendes da Silva , 249 – 271. ISBN: 978-85-7826-262-4. Fortaleza: EdUECE

Paulino, Fernando; Cruz, Tiago; Tavares, Mirian E. N. 2014. “CulturalNature Arga #2”, International Journal of Creative Interfaces and Computer Graphics 5, 1: 21 – 31.

Paulino, Fernando F; Silva, Bruno M; Silva, Mário M. D.. 2014. “Between the Sacred and the Profane in the S. João d’Arga’s Festivities: A Digital Art Installation “, International Journal of Creative Interfaces and Computer Graphics (IJCICG) 5, 1: 1 – 20.

Additional Information:

In 2013, he coordinated the team responsible for the project “Recolha do Património Imaterial” [“Collection of Intangible Heritage”] promoted by the AMP – Metropolitan Area of Porto, having produced 17 documentaries focusing on various topics within intangible heritage. In 2017 he began coordinating the Project “Lendas e Narrativas” [“Legends and Narratives”], also promoted by the Metropolitan Area of Porto.

Since 2013 he is the scientific coordinator of the project “Visual Anthropology and New Media”, resulting from the partnership with the University of Cape Verde. Its main purpose is the use of digital technologies while mediating culture and heritage processes. This projects counts four annual workshops so far, all held in Cape Verde (on the islands of Santiago and Fogo): “Observar, Produzir e Partilhar” [“Observing, Producing and Sharing”] (2013), “Imagens Construídas, Imagens Imaginadas” [“Built Images, Imagined Images”] (2014), “As Tecnologias da Comunicação Digital na Construção da Patrimonialidade Cabo-Verdiana” [“Digital Communication Technologies in the Construction of Cape-Verdean Heritage”] (2015), “Património, Memória e Identidade” [“Heritage, Memory and Identity”] (2016) and “Cultura digital – linguagem(s), imagem(s), narrativa(s)” [“Digital culture – language(s), image(s) and narrative(s)”] (2017).

In 2017, he created the “Laboratório Digital do Património Cultural” [“Cultural Heritage Digital Media Lab”], a joint partnership between the University Institute of Maia, the University of Cape Verde, the Federal University of Maranhão (Brazil), INEP – The National Research Institute from Guiné-Bissau, and several local organizations from those countries. He is currently the Head Coordinator of the above-mentioned project, whose general purpose is to collect and process information (essentially immaterial information) on the cultural heritage of Portugal, Cape Verde, Brazil and Guinea-Bissau, essentially in the fields of arts, forms of artistic representation and their production, collective imaginary, memory and identity.