Brief CV: João Samartinho has a Degree in Computer Science from the Lisbon Institute of Languages and Administration (1990), a Master’s Degree in Information Systems and Technology from the Department of Computer Engineering of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology in the University of Coimbra (1996), a PhD in Management from the University of Évora (2014). He completed the curricular part of the Doctoral Program in Information Systems at the University of Évora (2007).

He is an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Informatics and Quantitative Methods at the School of Management and Technology at the Polytechnic Institute of Santarém (ESGTS/IPSantarém) and the Coordinator of the Department of Informatics and Quantitative Methods (from its creation to September 2011 and since April 2014). He has been President of ESGTS/IPSantarém Pedagogical Council since April 2014 and Lead Editor of the IPSantarém Research Unit Magazine. He was the president of the ESGTS/IPSantarém Scientific Council (Nov2003-Dec2006 and May2007-April2011) and the Coordinator of the Master’s in Management Information Systems. Member of the General Council of the Polytechnic Institute of Santarém, Member of the Scientific Council of the IPSantarém Research Unit, Member of the Scientific and Pedagogical Council of IPSantarém, Member of ESGTS School Council, Member of ESGTS Technical and Scientific Council, Member of the IPSantarém eLearning group. President of the Organizing Committee of CAPSI2014 – IPSantarém 3-4 Oct 2014 and CAPSI2018 – IPSantarém 12-13 Oct 2018 (Conferences of the Portuguese Association of Information Systems annexed to SCOPUS).

Research Interests: Information systems; Virtual Leadership (e-Leadership); LMS – Learning Management System; “e” and b-Learning; ERP – Enterprise Research Planning; Databases; Information Systems Analysis and Development.

Latest Publications:

Samartinho, J. , Faria, J. & Silva, P. (2015). Model for the perception of the specific e-leadership skills and features in learning management systems environments. Revista da UIIPS, 3(1), 105-133. Disponível na WWW:

Samartinho, João Paulo, (2014) «E-Leadership: a model of skills and good-practice for project leaders in Learning Management Systems environments», PhD Thesis, Évora University.

Samartinho, J., Faria, J. & Silva, P. (2014). Good practices in virtual leadership – the e-3cs rule (communication, trust and coordination). Proceedings of the 15th European Conference on Knowledge Management, ECKM2014, Santarém, 3-4 September 2014, vol.3, pp. 1272. ISBN 978-1-910309-34-6, disponível em “

Nascimento, J., Silva, P.R., Samartinho, J. (2013) «Construction of Web-based Project Management Simulation: Proposal Process and Features». CENTERIS 2013 – Conference on ENTERprise Information on Systems / PRojMAN 2013 –International Conference on Project MANagement / HCIST 2013 – International Conference on Health and Social Care Information Systems and Technologies. Procedia Technologies 9 (2013) 730-739. ELSEVIER, available online at

Samartinho,João et al., (2013). «Understanding the Specific Skills and Characteristics Model of E-Leadership in. Learning Management Systems Environments»..XXIII Hispano-Lusitanian Conference of Scientific Gestión. 7/8/9 February 2013. Málaga. ISBN: 978-84-695-6928-3. Impression: Minerva, Córdoba.Spain: