Brief CV: Maria Fátima Nunes has a Degree in Modern Languages and Literatures from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Porto (1986), a Master’s Degree in Intercultural Relations from Universidade Aberta (1998) and a PhD in Anthropology (specializing in Visual Anthropology) from Universidade Aberta (2009). She was a lecturer at Universidade Aberta. She has been an Assistant Professor at the University Institute of Maia since 1999, in the fields of Semiotics of the Moving Image and Intermedia Project II (Film Studies).

Research Interests: She has dedicated her scientific research – published in Portugal and abroad (Spain, Brazil) – to Chinese immigration to Portugal, to Chinese cinema, to the dialogue between anthropology and the arts. She is currently a member of the Centre for Research in Arts and Communication (University of Algarve). As a result of her training in Visual Anthropology, she has produced anthropological and artistic documentary films, organized exhibitions to honour masters of poetry (Eugénio de Andrade) and cinema (Manoel de Oliveira). She has also organized film and culture festivals and has presented films at plastic arts exhibitions.

Latest Publications:

Nunes, Maria Fátima, Rodrigues, Carlos Miguel (no prelo). Antropologia e artes em diálogo (aceite em dezembro de 2016). In Revista de Linguagem do Cinema e do Audiovisual.

Nunes, Maria Fátima (2015). Imigrantes Chineses na Área Metropolitana do Porto. Do ciclo da seda à era digital. Novas Edições Académicas.

Nunes, Maria Fátima (2013). O cinema como construção da memória e da história da China na obra de Jia Zhang-Ke, In Avanca Cinema 2013, Avanca, pp. 713-719.