Brief CV: Full Professor (Educational Multimedia Communication); Head of Research at the Polytechnic Institute of Santarém; Head of the Technology and Education Department at the Higher School of Education in Santarém. Invited Professor at the Open University in Lisbon. Maria Potes Barbas was born in Lisbon, Portugal, in 1965. She is a Full Professor and has 25 years of experience in Educational Multimedia Communication in Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation at national and international levels. She teaches the curricular units of Project, Seminary and Interactive Argument at the School of Higher Education in Santarém. She also coordinates the Department of Educational Technology, the Office of Projects and Internationalization (PI), and the “Educational Technology: communication, digital literacies and social inclusion ” research area. She was recently invited to become an “e-Skills for Jobs ambassador” in Portugal, an EU initiative based on a multi-stakeholder partnership that facilitates collaboration among business and education providers, public and private actors, through actions that attract young people and promote employment.

Research Interests: IoT; Digital Literacy; Ethic; Gender; Migrants; Eurostars Applications;Evaluator (jury) in several Public Examinations for Specialist TeacherMOOC; e skills; Augmented Reality; MOOC; Knowledge Alliance – HIE_Businesses; Entrepreneurship Education, Natural Interfaces, eLearning, Interactive TV, b-learning, e-Portfolios; Life Stories; Requalification in the Knowledge Society; WEB ; Development Platforms; Evaluation software; Hypermedia , Development and Evaluation Project Technology, Entrepreneurship and Innovation; Virtual Worlds (Second Life); Fab_Labs, Social Networks, Volunteering.

Latest Publications:

Barbas, M. P. (2017). Dicionary in Education for Emploiability (DEE). Topic Coordination “Poliempreende”. Gabinete de Educação para o Empreendedorismo e Cidadania (

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Branco, Paulo; Barros Dias, Isabel; Falé, Isabel; Potes Barbas, Maria (2017). Uptake ICT, an Idea that stands against Digital Illiteracy.  IJEDICT – International Journal of Education and Development using ICT.

Barbas, Maria; Matos, Pedro; Duarte, Mário; Barros Dias, Isabel. (2017). MOOC. Digital Employability. Projeto Uptake ICT for life Cycle.