Brief CV: She made two animated short films: Interstícios (2001) and Claro Azul Ausente (2005). In addition, she has pedagogical, technical and technological experience coordinating teams of animation film projects, of different age groups, with distinct training, literacy levels, cognitive skills, social and cultural background.

Research Interests: : Discourse Analysis, Intercultural Studies and Media Studies (i.e. Media Literacy); Finnish-Portuguese literary co-translations.

Latest Publications:

Cultural Citizenship – global foreigners and education in Challenges in the Construction of an Inclusive Society, chapter 2, co-introduction and co-edition with António Lopes, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Cambridge (2017)

Cultural citizenship and media literacy on the imagined European north-south axis: Portugal and Finland in context CIEO workshops, University of Algarve, Portugal, 2016

Hegemonies of expatriate identities in Portuguese English-language press Iberian Association for Cultural Studies, Universidad Castella la-Mancha, Espanha. Peter Lang Editions, Alemanha (2013)

Elias Lönnrot, Kalevla, Casa Editora Leya (Dom Quixote, 2013) Translation from Finnish to Portuguese, com Ana Isabel Soares

O culto da mãe e as metáforas do cancro da mama: o caso de Fernanda Serrano 6º Congresso de SOPCOM: sociedade dos media; comunicação, política e tecnologia, Universidade Lusófona, Lisboa (2009)

Homo Ludens in Publicity: Context of Culture as a Frame for and a Constraint on Interpretation on the European Imagined North-South Axis Proceedings of XIX European Meeting and Workshop on Systemic Functional Linguistics, University of Saarbrücken, Germany. (2008)

Catholic Portugal in the British Press: the Issue of Legal Abortion (2007) in Portugal Proceedings of XXVIII meeting of APEAA, Universidade de Évora (2008)