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Brief CV: Pedro Alves da Veiga is a transdisciplinary artist and researcher. He holds a degree in Computer Science (Nova University of Lisbon), a post-graduation in Advanced Studies of Digital Media Art (Aberta University) and a PhD in Digital Media Art (Aberta University and University of Algarve). He is also an invited Professor at the Aberta University, in Lisbon, and at the Cascais School of Arts & Design, following a two decade business career in web-design and information systems, including the launch and sale of two IT companies and several multimedia and web-design awards. He is a member of CIAC and regularly publishes and shares results of his research on multimedia generative systems and also on the impacts of experience, attention and ubiquity economies in digital art ecosystems. His artworks have been exhibited in Portugal, China and USA.

Research Interests: Generative art, art and society, sustainability, artivism, hactivism, digital art curating. He has been actively engaged in several research projects involving art, science and technology.

Latests Publications:

Dias, José Rodrigues; Penha, Rui; Morgado, Leonel; Alves da Veiga, Pedro; Carvalho, Elizabeth Simão; Fernandes-Marcos, Adérito (2019). Tele-Media-Art: Feasibility Tests of Web-Based Dance Education for the Blind Using Kinect and Sound Synthesis of Motion. International Journal of Technology and Human Interaction (IJTHI), 15(2). IGI-GLOBAL, pp. 11-28.

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Veiga, Pedro (2017). Blended Reality: An analysis through the recent evolution of digital media art ecosystems. In Con la Red / En la Red: creación, investigación y comunicación cultural y artística en la era Internet, Lidia Bocanegra Barbecho (Medialab UGR), Ana García López (Eds.). Universidade de Granada, Downhill Publishing: New York, pp. 420-442.

Veiga, Pedro; Tavares, Mirian & Alvelos, Heitor (2017). Ecossistemas na blended-society: a experiência da média-arte digital. In CIBERCULTURA Circum-navegações em redes transculturais de conhecimento, arquivos e pensamento, Helena Pires, Manuel Curado, Fábio Ribeiro, Pedro Andrade (Coords.). Edições Húmus: V. N. Famalicão, pp: 115-132.

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