Email: tfncruz@gmail.com

Ciência ID: D511-1AB7-29CE

ORCID: 0000-0002-1788-5808

Brief CV: Tiago Cruz, Communication Design, Illustration, Digital-Media Art and teaching at University Institute of Maia – ISMAI, Portugal.

From 1998 to 2001, he studied Scenography, Costumes and Props at ACE (Porto, Portugal) and worked with directors like António Capelo, Rogério de Carvalho, Paulo Castro and Alan Richardson. In 2006, he graduated in “Multimedia Communication Technologies”, in ISMAI (Maia, Portugal), with a thesis in the area of Interaction Design and Visual Semiotics titled “IxD@web – Interaction Design: Form, Function and Behaviour on the web”. In 2012 he finished his master program in “Multimedia in the Digital Era: Strategies, Industries and Messages”, in ISMAI, focusing the investigation in the area of Visual Culture, Visual Communication and Visual Semiotics, with a thesis titled “From the Private register to the Public Sphere: The Graphic Diary as a means of expression and Visual Communication”. In 2018 he finished a PhD on Digital Media-Art, at the Portuguese Open University and Algarve of University, context in which he has been developing artistic installations related with the Landscape concept. Along with teaching, he collaborates in research projects with CIAC (Research Center for Arts and Communication) and maintains his activity as a Communication Designer and Illustrator.

Research Interests: Drawing/Graphic Diaries, Digital Media Art, Design, Typography.

Latest Publications:

Cruz, Tiago; Paulino, Fernando F; Tavares, Mirian. 2019. “CulturalNature Arga#2”, in Ursyn, A. (2019). Interface Support for Creativity, Productivity, and Expression in Computer Graphics (pp. 1- 355). Hershey, PA: IGI Global. doi:10.4018/978-1-5225-7371-5

Cruz, Tiago; Fernando Faria Paulino; Mirian Nogueira Tavares, (2018), CulturalNature Arga#4: Meta-representações da Paisagem, in Conferência Internacional sobre Estudos Transdisciplinares em Artes, Tecnologia e Sociedade, Lisboa: Universidade Aberta

AA.VV. (2018), Nós e os Cadernos: vol.1, (coord) Tiago Cruz, Faro: Universidade do Algarve/Edições CIAC

AA.VV. (2018), Nós e os Cadernos: vol.2, (coord) Tiago Cruz, Faro: Universidade do Algarve/Edições CIAC