Brief CV: Vítor Reia was responsible for the creation of the Communication Sciences course at the University of Algarve. He was one of the responsibles for the creation of the CIAC, where he coordinated the Literacy and Communication Research Group at CIAC. He was a member of the Cultural and Technical Library Council of the University of Algarve. He had a PhD in Communication in Education, specializing in Media Pedagogy and Film Languages from the University of Algarve. He had a Master’s Degree in Cultural Communication from Lund University, in Sweden, a qualification recognised as equivalent to the Master’s Degree in Social Communication by Universidade Nova de Lisboa, and he also had an undergraduate degree in Comparative Literature, Drama-Theater-Cinema, from Lund University, a qualification recognized by Universidade Nova de Lisboa. He was Director of the Communication Sciences Course at the University of Algarve, whose creation was his responsibility. Vitor Reia died on 16th August at age 64, victim of cancer.

Research Interests: He has dedicated his scientific research to Film Literacy, to Media Literacy and Cultural Contextualization in Cinema. In addition, he was also a member of the European Commission’s Expert Group in Media Literacy, a consultant for the British Film Institute within the European Film Literacy project, and a coordinator of CIAC’s Film Studies Lab, having participated in the European Commission Projects: EUROMEDUC, MEDIAPPRO and EDUCAUNET.

Latest Publications:

Santos, N. B., Silva, B. M., Borges, G. & Reia-Baptista, V. (2018). Transcreation: poetic thinking in the creation of cultural interfaces. Journal of Digital Media & Interaction – IJDMI. Volume 1, nº 1, ISSN 2184-3120.

Silva, Bruno M.; Tavares, M., Reia-Baptista, V., António, R. (2018). The Forking Paths revisited: experimenting on interactive film. In Interface Support for Creativity, Productivity, and Expression in Computer Graphics; IGI. DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-7371-5.

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Reia, Vítor (2010) Film Languages in the European Collective Memory (Coordenador de Dossier Temático) em Comunicar 35,Grupo Comunicar, Huelva.

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