Armando Nascimento Rosa will participate in the event “Fernando Pessoa and Fado”

The conference “Fernando Pessoa and Fado” will take place on 5 June at 18:30 at the Museu do Fado – Auditório Ruben de Carvalho and will feature Armando Nascimento Rosa, a CIAC researcher, along with Ricardo Belo de Morais.

The event aims to demonstrate how all the great names in Fado have embraced Fernando Pessoa, and how his poetry has inspired dozens of songs and repertoires since 1970.

From Maria Teresa de Noronha, Teresa Tarouca, and Maria da Fé to the current generation, including the “eldest of the youngest”, Fado increasingly sings Pessoa. This conference offers a historical journey, beginning with Pessoa’s theoretical texts on Fado, through adaptations of his poetry, and leading to surprising revelations about the connections between Amália Rodrigues and Pessoa.

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