Call for Papers

Call for Papers for the ROTURA journal is ongoing until September 23, 2024

The submission period for the next issue of ROTURA – Journal of Communication, Culture, and Arts, by CIAC, is now officially open. The thematic dossier will focus on “Artistic Chronicles of the Modern Age: Exploring Contemporary Cultural Expressions”. The call for papers runs until September 23, 2024.

The exploration of contemporary culture and its manifestations in art is of paramount importance in today’s rapidly evolving world. As society undergoes transformative shifts, so too does our understanding of culture and the ways it is expressed through art. This special issue seeks to address this evolution, recognizing that art is not just a reflection of culture but a dynamic force that shapes and challenges cultural norms and values.

Contemporary cultural expressions, whether through visual arts, literature, music, or performance, are windows into the complexities of our time. They reflect social, political, technological, and philosophical developments that define our era. By delving into these expressions, we gain insights into the human condition and the forces that drive cultural change.

The phrase «Artistic Chronicles» underscores the idea that art serves as a record of our times, capturing the spirit, concerns, and aspirations of contemporary society. It implies a narrative quality that invites readers to engage with the stories told through artistic creations.

The primary purpose of this special issue is to provide a comprehensive examination of contemporary cultural expressions in art. We aim to facilitate dialogue and critical analysis, allowing scholars, artists, philosophers, and readers to engage in a thoughtful exploration of the ways in which art both reflects and influences modern culture.

This special issue underlines the significance of art as a record of our times and a catalyst for cultural discourse. This collection of articles promises to inspire, inform, and provoke thoughtful reflection among a diverse and engaged readership. We invite you to embark on this philosophical journey with us, delving into the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary culture and its artistic expressions. We welcome submissions that delve into the following broad themes, but not only:

  • Exploration of genre and stylistic characteristics in contemporary cultural narratives.
  • Investigation of the role of visual arts in shaping cultural identity.
  • Analysis of figures emblematic of modern popular culture.
  • Examination of gender identity within the broader context of cultural heritage.
  • Uncovering the historical and cultural origins of artistic expressions.
  • Exploration of comedic elements within contemporary cultural practices.
  • Investigating theoretical and practical aspects of intercultural communication through the lens of linguoculturology.
  • Analysis of portrayals of women in popular and mass culture, situated within the context of modern artistic representations.

Contributions addressing these themes from diverse disciplinary perspectives are welcomed for consideration in our upcoming issue.

The editing of this issue of the ROTURA journal will be undertaken by Svitlana Derkach, an artist and a professor at the Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts. She has published more than 60 educational and methodological works and she is the author of the book Directing Mass Celebrations.

Leading specialist in the field of directing shows, Svitlana Derkach has directed and organized more than 300 concerts, variety shows, show programs, solemn ceremonies, mass celebrations and events of various kinds.

Important Dates:
Deadline for article submission:23-09-2024
Notification of acceptance: 13-01-2025
Submission of final version: 24-01-2025
Publication: 27-02-2025

The call for the Varia section, which hosts free-themed articles, as well as Reviews, Art Chronicles and Interviews remains open in a continuous flow.

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