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CIAC represented in the latest edition of UALGzine

CIAC – Research Center for Arts and Communication was featured in the 16th edition of UALGzine, with its vice-coordinator Bruno Mendes da Silva introducing the history of the Center and its future perspectives. This outreach to the general community provided an opportunity to showcase the work carried out by CIAC in recent years, emphasizing its main research areas. The center has been engaged in innovative research across various fields such as visual and performing arts, digital media art, film studies, media literacy, digital communication, intercultural communication, and literary tourism.

Regarding CIAC’s objectives, Bruno Mendes da Silva highlighted the significant role the Center has played in advanced training at the 2nd and 3rd cycles, applied research in artistic and communication labs, the organization of scientific events fostering debates among local, national, and international stakeholders, and collaboration with cultural and business entities, facilitating the exchange and production of new knowledge.

On the international front, CIAC participates in various projects funded by the European Union and builds connections with numerous research centers and international universities spanning from Germany to Brazil and Tunisia to Thailand.

Looking ahead, Bruno Mendes da Silva envisions the CIAC’s commitment to expanding its international presence, aiming to take a leadership role in exploring and applying technological advances converging art and new technologies. CIAC aims to play a significant role in shaping new educational and artistic policies in close collaboration with local entities, involving communities in cultural activities, events, and projects.

For a more detailed understanding of CIAC’s action plan, you can read the latest edition of UALGzine here. UALGzine is an institutional magazine, published annually, with the goal of disseminating the scientific, academic, and cultural activities of the University of Algarve.

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