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CIAC welcomes Rocío Vela for post-doctoral internship

María del Rocío Vela Jiménez, a researcher from the Department of Humanities at Universidad Loyola Andalucía, has commenced a postdoctoral stay at CIAC – Research Center for Arts and Communication at the University of Algarve, under the supervision of researcher Silvia Leiria Viegas.

Rocío Vela’s postdoctoral work aligns with the overall research focus of the Investigator and, specifically, with her project titled “Refugee Research for (Post)Covid-19 National Measures and Local Actions in the Algarve: A Digital Tour for Access to Adequate Housing and Living Conditions” (2021.03008.CEECIND/FCT), currently underway at CIAC/UAlg.

The main objective of this doctoral stay is to receive training and provide seminars to identify common lines of action, proposing an innovative teaching project in the field of art and social transformation.

Rocío Vela’s doctoral stay coincided with the arrival of other colleagues from Universidad Loyola Andalucía – Antonio Baena, who is also in a doctoral internship at CIAC, along with Antonio Sianes and Laura Serrano. Additionally, Ana Miguel Regedor from the Center for Social Studies, University of Coimbra (CES-UC), joined for an initial in-person working session within the framework of the Intersecting and Urban Studies Group, formed in late 2023. All of them are part of this group, along with other researchers from UAlg and other national universities.

The internship will last approximately one and a half months, taking place from January 10, 2024, to February 23, 2024.

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