Interview with CIAC’s Vice-coordinator, Bruno Mendes da Silva, published in Revista Interin

The interview “Forking Paths: The Interactive Cinema of Bruno Mendes da Silva” has just been published in Revista Interin. It was conducted by Rita Cassitas, a PhD student in the Communication and Languages Program at Tuiuti University of Paraná, who recently completed her doctoral internship at CIAC, in collaboration with Professor Denize Correa Araujo. The interview highlights the cross-disciplinary nature of interactive cinema in the career of the researcher, professor, and filmmaker, detailing how methodological practice guides his work.

Founded in 2006, Revista Interin aims to explore the development of communication technologies and their influence on communication processes, as well as to analyze media signification and the dissemination of discourses in diverse sociocultural contexts.

The interview is available in open access aqui.

Esta publicação também está disponível em: Portuguese (Portugal)