Mirian Tavares is the next guest editor of the international journal Arts

Mirian Tavares, coordinator and researcher at CIAC, has been invited to serve as editor for the upcoming issue of the international journal Arts, which will be dedicated to the theme “The Role of Museums in the Digital Age”.

This edition aims to demonstrate that museums play a crucial role in the digital era by bridging the gap between traditional culture and modern technology. Museums act as guardians of history, art, and science, and their integration into the digital landscape extends their reach and impact. Through virtual tours, online exhibitions, and digital archives, museums provide global access to their collections, allowing people from all over the world to explore and learn. This democratization of information fosters greater educational and cultural enrichment.

Furthermore, digital technologies enable museums to preserve their collections more effectively, using high-resolution imaging, 3D scanning, and interactive displays to offer new ways of documenting and presenting artefacts, ensuring their longevity and accessibility for future generations. Social media and digital marketing also play crucial roles in engaging diverse audiences, promoting community interaction, and raising cultural awareness.

The use of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) in museums has been creating more immersive and interactive experiences, making learning more engaging and memorable. These technologies enhance storytelling, bringing history and art to life in ways that were previously unimaginable. Museums in the digital age are not just repositories of the past but dynamic and evolving entities that use technology to educate, inspire, and connect people.

Arts is an open-access academic journal that publishes new and significant research on all aspects of visual and performing arts. It aims to promote critical research, dialogue, and innovative approaches. The journal welcomes articles presenting innovative and significant studies—whether theoretical, historical, interdisciplinary, or global—as well as other contributions of broad academic interest.

The call for papers for the issue “The Role of Museums in the Digital Age” is open until May 30, 2025.

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