PROPS project will be presented at the International Media Literacy Research Symposium

The PROPS project – Interactive Narratives Proposing Pluralistic Discourse will be represented by a team of CIAC researchers at the 5th International Media Literacy Research Symposium (IMLRS), taking place from June 27-28 on the island of São Miguel, Azores.

Bruno Mendes da Silva, Ana Filipa Martins, Mirian Tavares, Susana Costa, Beatriz Valente, Patrícia Dourado, and Alexandre Martins will be present at the conference in a panel dedicated exclusively to presenting this project and CIAC’s activities. This panel will discuss topics such as the study and data collection through surveys and focus groups on online hate speech, the six interactive narratives that will be available as pedagogical tools to reflect on this social phenomenon, and the creation processes within media literacy.

This conference comes just days before the PROPS Meeting: Digital Diversity, Tolerance, and Online Inclusion, which will be held on July 4 at the University of Algarve. These two events mark the final phase of this project, which aimed to develop media education research, raising awareness and providing primary and secondary school teachers and students with educational resources to prevent online hate speech.

In addition to this project, CIAC researcher Gabriela Borges will present at IMLRS with her talk, “Critical and creative strategies in the representation of minority groups in the slash fictions of the Brazilian series As Five.”

Founded in 2013, the International Media Literacy Research Symposium is a global initiative that aims to bring together researchers from all areas studying media literacy education.

More information about the event (here).

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