The XVIII CIAC Conference will take place on MARCH 1, 2024

On March 1, 2024, the University of Algarve will host the XVIII CIAC Conference. The theme for next year’s edition is “Minds and Machines: AI in Communication, Culture, and the Arts”.

The essence of the event remains the same: bringing together researchers and collaborators of CIAC, both junior and senior, for a day of sharing, problematizing, and discussing projects, publications, methodologies, concepts, and paths.

In addition to the thematic session, featuring a series of national and international interventions, including one by researcher Geraint A. Wiggins (Queen Mary University of London, UK/Association for Computational Creativity), the XVIII CIAC Conference will also include its usual panels dedicated to research and projects hosted by the Center.

Registrations are open! (here)

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