CyPeT aims at the theoretical and practical exploration of cyberperformance, from the creative, performative, and communicational angles, in order to tentatively posit a new pedagogical model for its inclusion in higher education curricula.

The rise of cyberperformance has been enhanced by the COVID-19 pandemic, which not only hampered the fruition of public spaces, but also contributed to an exponential increase in live experiences broadcast by a multitude of creators in all the major social media networks. This new status calls for a renewed research endeavour into the challenges posed by digital technology in the Performing Arts.

To reach a satisfactory understanding of this new reality and to be able to structure, organize and disseminate this knowledge, we need to fully engage the total human environment which contributed to the cultures and selves we are now experiencing. We need to explore the nature of artistic, creative, and performative digital literacies; to examine features of social organization achieved through social media; to consider the effects of money on the experience of valuation and on artists’ earnings; to understand how calendars and appointments shape and organize our experience of time and social interaction in artistic fruition and enjoyment, and to anticipate all the likely side effects.

Under the coordination of Mirian Tavares, CyPet’s research team includes CIAC researchers from the University of Algarve, Universidade Aberta and ISMAI – University of Maia. The project, starting in January 2022, is funded by Foundation for Science and Technology.

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