The Parole Soufflée cross-disciplinary project, funded by the General Directorate of the Arts, is developed and coordinated by CIAC researcher, Alexandre Pieroni Calado.

This project promotes the visibility of the function of the prompter in theatre, while discussing it as an image of the subject’s condition in its relation to language. The project proposes to undertake document-based research and in touch with prompters working at the Dona Maria II National Theatre in Lisbon, as a means to creating a piece of ‘Autotheatre’, a sound installation and a publication collating the results of the research. In addition to a period of work residency at the aforementioned institution, this proposal also envisages a training session on text and acting, as well as seminars on themes related to the project. We research and make our contribution to the appreciation of performing arts in Portugal, to research what theatre can be today.

The motivation behind the project, however, is not to focus on the elaboration of a performance object, but rather to open up to an intense dialogue with cultural networks and organisations, over about six months of public activities, including holding “Paroles, paroles, paroles” (training event), “Intervalo” (sound play), “Os Pontos no Teatro Nacional D. Maria II” [“Prompters at the Dona Maria II National Theatre”] (book publication), “Theatres of the Word: Voice, Memory/The Word and Power: Peter Handke/ At the Limits of the World: Philosophy and Language” (conferences), as well as conversations with students, open rehearsals, among other activities.

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