Comunicação audiovisual: o comboio do amor [Audiovisual communication: the train of love] explores the most relevant concepts of audiovisual language through the analysis of some specific moments in the history of cinema. Mainly for higher education students in the areas of Communication, Culture and Arts, this book brings together a glossary with audiovisual grammatical elements for the understanding of filmic discourse.

The predominance of audiovisual language in contemporary communication is unavoidable and, therefore, its conceptual, aesthetic, formal and technical domain becomes imperative. Television, videogames, YouTube content, online metaverses, or virtual reality all share a morphological and syntactic basis that was born and grew up with cinema. The aim of this work is to account the birth and the foundation of a language that quickly became universal. For that, a metaphor is used: the train of love, that invention prior to cinema, but equally fast in winning fans and so present on the big screen. In fact, the train passengers anticipated the experience of seeing moving images that cinema brought, when looking out the window. The mutual influence between cinema and train, two machines with essence in the idea of ​​movement, will accompany us throughout the book, a journey through the history of cinema to study audiovisual language.

Author: Bruno Mendes da Silva

Year: 2021

Editor: Grácio Editor

ISBN: 978-989-53448-0-2

Number of Pages: 72

Ebook Version: Link

Esta publicação também está disponível em: Portuguese (Portugal)