Da Nova Arte de Fazer Ruínas  promotes Artistic Residencies in Azores

The Project Da Nova Arte de Fazer Ruínas promotes the artistic Residencies in Arquipélago- Center for Contemporary Arts, on the island of S. Miguel in Azores, between September 25 and October 4.

Da Nova Arte de Fazer Ruínas  is a choreographic piece by Beatriz Cantinho in collaboration with the composer Diogo Alvim and the composer and artist Ricardo Jacinto. The interpretation of movement is made by Filipe Pereira, Jácome Silva and Marta Cerqueira. The musical interpretation is signed by Diogo Alvim and Ricardo Jacinto.

Da Nova Arte de Fazer Ruínas approaches the theme of the ruin, exploring and developing processes of composition, of movement and sound, articulated with the architectural space, in its physical and cultural dimensions.

More than a metaphorical or imaginary representation of the ruin, the project experiences, through abstraction and translation for choreographic (and musical) composition, different premises associated with the idea of the ​​ruin; erosion, repetition, fragmentation, accumulation, recovery, destruction and reconstruction.

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