As usual, CIAC is present at another edition of the Cinema Meeting in Avanca.

The Avanca International Film Meeting is already one of the conferences that is usually attended by a CIAC team. In addition to the members of the Center who are part of the scientific council of this event, such as Professor Mirian Tavares, we also have several researchers who come to this parish of Estarreja to present and share the results of their research in the area of cinema.

In this edition, we have the presentation of the communication “Insights about an interactive film installation”, by researchers and collaborators of CIAC, Bruno Mendes da Silva, Mirian Tavares, Rui Antonio, Maria Paula Monteiro, Susana Costa and António Araújo, The “Cadavre Exquis” team.

Bruno Mendes da Silva and Ana Perfeito present the communication “Moda Vestra – a live cinema show about the Algarve”.

The researcher Raquel Pacheco will also present the project “Primeiro Plano – Cinema and Education Network in Portugal”, a project hosted by CIAC.

Finally, we have the presentation of the communication “Ao som dos fluxos da informação: processos de sonificação nas artes sonoras” by the doctoral student in Digital Media Art, Hugo Paquete, with his supervisors Adérito Fernandes-Marcos (CIAC / UAb) and Paulo Bernardino Bastos (UA).

Full program and other information can be found on the event website.