The inaugural episode of the 2022 season of the CIAC Talks interview programme is already available on CIAC’s Youtube channel. It is a conversation conducted by CIAC coordinator Mirian Tavares with Christine Henry, a visual artist of French origin who has lived in the Algarve since the 1980s.

Christine Henry’s work makes use of various plastic disciplines, although she draws most frequently on photography and sculpture. Her works are based on narratives linked to her memory, collective memory and her relationship with nature. She addresses issues such as identity, place, time, emptiness and/or absence and sustainability.

Having grown up in a family environment where art has always been part of everyday life, Christine Henry did a post-graduation in Arts and Cultural Programming in 2006, at the Instituto Superior D.Afonso III (Loulé). In 2009, she participated in the Mobilehome – Contemporary Art Experimental Course, coordinated by the curator Nuno Faria. Since 2000 he has been exhibiting his work in Portugal, Spain and France, in solo and group exhibitions.

CIAC Talks is the continuation of the Artist Talk Initiative project, an audiovisual product of interviews with researchers, professors and artists (national and international), developed by the Centre since 2013.

Watch the first episode here: