On May 25, 2022, at 17h00, CIAC promotes the webinar “Researching the History of European Studios 1930-1960”, with Tim Bergfelder and Eleanor Halsall (University of Southampton). The eighth edition of the CIAC Webinars aims to reflect on the role of studios in the history of cinema.

Building on the STUDIOTEC research project, Tim Bergfelder and Eleanor Halsall will present some of the new understandings of how studios and technologies have shaped film culture and production. Funded by the European Research Council (ERC) and hosted by the University of Bristol, Queen Mary University of London and the University of Southampton, STUDIOTEC focuses on four pillars: architecture and infrastructure; creativity, practice and innovation; politics and economics; professional and labour relations. Using historical research and a suite of spatial, 3D and VR analysis tools, the project examines the film studios of Britain, France, Germany and Italy (between 1930 and 1960) as creative and economic infrastructures that expanded and challenged contemporary models.

Tim Bergfelder is Professor of Film Studies, University of Southampton. He is one of the editors of Screen, and co-editor of two book series: Film Europa (Berghahn Books) and European Film and Media (Palgrave Macmillan). He has written and co-edited several monographs and collections, as well as journal articles and book chapters on topics including German film history, European film and media, production design, and popular genres. Tim Bergfelder is currently engaged in research on German film studios from 1930-1960 within the STUDIOTEC project.

Eleanor Halsall completed her PhD at SOAS on the Indo-German beginnings of the Bombay Talkies. Recent publications include An epistolary history of Indo-German film relations in ‘The Bombay Talkies Limited: Akteure – deutsche Einflüsse – kulturhistorischer Kontext; Kosmopoliten, Nationalisten, Visionäre in Filmblatt and Franz Osten’ and The History of Indo-German Film Relations in The German Cinema Book. Early in her career she co-wrote a series of language teaching books for Langenscheidt. Eleanor Halsall joined Tim Bergfelder in researching German film studios from 1930-1960 (project STUDIOTEC).

For the next editions, Patrícia Moran, Joana Santos and José Simões are already confirmed.

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