On June 20, 2022, at 4 pm, CIAC promotes the webinar “Forms of presence in audiovisual performance”, with Patrícia Moran (University of São Paulo). The ninth edition of the CIAC Webinars aims to reflect on the mixture of expressive figures from different media as a strategy for the constitution of states of presence in performances.

Audiovisual performance has in the presence of bodies and images the instauration of events. Recognized by its ephemerality and uniqueness as an event, performance in general, and in audiovisual poetics, explores signs of expressive forms such as cinema, theater, music, among others, to constitute events that implode with the media. Each work is singular, marked by the presence of diaphanous scenes and by vagueness. Sensoriality is privileged, affirming a tradition averse to the retinian.

Based on the work in theater by the duo Mirella Brandi and Muepto, we intend to discuss the dramatic strategies for the constitution of scintillation on stage. Furthermore, taking as an example the online performance “pierSing”, by Lucas Bambozzi and Kátia Guedes, another nature of presence is explored: the time in noise and event related to the event itself and its “agority”.

Patrícia Moran is a professor at ECA/University of São Paulo and holds a PhD in Communication and Semiotics from PUC/SP. She integrates the Audiovisual graduation and the post-graduation in Audiovisual Media and Processes, guiding projects related to documentary, expanded, and experimental cinema. He has directed documentaries and audiovisual essays, winning national and international awards. He coordinated CINUSP’s book collection, of which he organized Harun Farocki: Programming the Visible (2017), with Jane Almeida and Priscila Arantes; and Machinima (2022), with Janaína Patrocínio. He organized, by Intermeios, Cinema Apesar da Imagem (2016), with Marcus Bastos and Gabriel Menotti; and Cinemas Transversais (2016), by Iluminuras. In 2020, he launched Audiovisual Live. Trends and Concepts, with Marcus Bastos. Experimental and live poetics research.

For the next editions, Joana Santos, José Simões and Pamela Richardson-Ngwenya are already confirmed.

Participation is free of charge and confers a certificate.
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