The Visual Arts Cycle brings to Faro João Pedro Azul, one of the creators of “Flanzine”.

On 2nd of May, next Thursday, we will have in Algarve University the visit of João Pedro Azul, one of the creators of the “Flanzine”, a fanzine born in the Douro but with national projection, counting now nineteen editions. In the bag, besides many stories, João Pedro Azul brings the Flanzine number 19: OBSCENUM. This issue, coordinated by the editor and designer Carlos Guerreiro, who accepted the invitation to share this task, seeks to reflect on the current look at art and reality, both personal and institutional. The launch took place at the XX Correntes de Escrita, a Literary Festival of Póvoa de Varzim and featured the presentation of the editor and authors Afonso Cruz and Marta Bernardes. This was the fourth passage of the magazine by this event.

In this issue we can find, besides those already cited, authors such as Ana Cássia Rebelo, João Paulo Cotrim, Fernando Luís Sampaio, Andreia C. Faria and Valério Romão, among others. Concerning the most plastic participations, we have works by André da Loba, André Carrilho, Vera Marmelo, Susana Mendes Silva & Alice Geirinhas, Paulo Mendes and Miguel Januário. The cover is by Carlos himself and the design was concepted by lina & nando.

João Pedro Azul is from Vila do Conde and lives in Porto. He is one of the creators and editor of the magazine “Flanzine” and co-editor of “Flan de Tal”, responsible for the joint work: POEMANIFESTO – from Cesariny. He graduated in Theater – Interpretation, by ESMAE, he began by dedicating himself to the writing of the scene, as a complement to his plays; is one of the responsible for the dramaturgy of the “Queima do Judas” of Vila do Conde; in the scope of “Flanzine”, was the creator of the performances “MURO” and “4EUROPE”, with Telma João Santos, and “ÓDIO”, created just to perform in REALIZAR: poesia 2017; he published, together with the illustrator João Concha, the “Livro do Amo”, in 2015 (National Reading Plan); he is the author of the literary project, in progress: “Trabalho de Casa”; postgraduate in Management of Artistic, Cultural and Educational Activities and attended the Multimedia Masters of UP, where he developed photography, film and documentary work; wrote with Alexandre Sá, in 2016, the script of VAZA; he is a founding member of Cabe Cave – Cultural Association.

The session will be held, as usual, at Penha Campus, in auditorium 0.4, at 3:00 p.m. The entrance is free.