On the 27th, 28th and 30th of July 2022, CIAC researchers Mirian Tavares, Bruno Mendes da Silva, Jorge Carrega, Ana Isabel Soares, António Costa Valente, Susana Costa, Pedro Alves da Veiga and Alexandre Martins participate in the Avanca/Cinema 2022 conference, in Avanca. Integrated in the Festival Internacional de Cinema Avanca 2022 [Avanca International Film Festival 2022], it is an event dedicated to the relationship between cinema and art, technology and communication.

“Cinema and Media Arts at CIAC” is the title of the opening panel on 27th and of the intervention by Mirian Tavares, which focuses, above all, on CIAC’s relationship with cinema and media art; in the role of the audiovisual (in its various formats) in the constitution of the Centre; and in the research projects that have been developed. From the project Os Caminhos Que Se Bifurcam [The Forking Paths], Bruno Mendes da Silva reflects on filmic interactivity and presents “Entre Neblina e Caminhar no Gelo” [Between Fog and Walking on Ice]. With the communication “Projeto de estudo e valorização da coleção de cartazes do Museu Municipal de Faro” [Project for the study and enhancement of the collection of posters of the Municipal Museum of Faro], Jorge Carrega presents the study project on the collection of posters (dated from 1904 to 1916) of french, italian, german, scandinavian and american cinema. Ana Isabel Soares presents “SPECULUM – “Filmar-se e ver-se ao espelho: o uso da escrita de si por documentaristas de língua portuguesa” [SPECULUM – “Filming yourself and seeing yourself in the mirror: the use of self-writing by Portuguese-speaking documentarians”], a study on the work of women filmmakers, mainly in the making of documentaries. The communication “Audiences, public spaces, and cinema (APSC)”, by António Costa Valente (also Director of the Avanca Festival), aims to identify and evaluate architectural structures that support or may support the collective exhibition of cinema. Susana Costa participates with the communication “[IN]The Hate Booth: uma contranarrativa ao discurso de ódio online” [[IN]The Hate Booth: a counter-narrative to hate speech online], an installation-game (with a physical and virtual dimension), consisting of a light booth and an interactive fiction game, which takes the interactor to reflect on experiences with online hate speech and its effects inside and outside the virtual world.

On 28th July, Pedro Alves da Veiga presents “The Cinematic Selfie: Questioning the Self through Generative Art”, in online format (“Room Jimmy Murakami”). The virtual intervention by Alexandre Martins is entitled “Memórias em movimento: a criação de videoarte através do arquétipo antropológico e dos modelos a/r/tográfico e a/r/cográfico” [Memories in motion: the creation of video art through the anthropological archetype and the a/r/tographic and a/r/cographic models] and takes place in the “Room Ebrahim Forouzesh”, on the 30th July.

In addition to the conference, from the 27th to the 31st of July 2022, the Festival Internacional de Cinema Avanca [Avanca International Film Festival] has an international film competition (whose jury is composed by several CIAC researchers), film creation workshops, training actions, exhibitions and debates.