CIAC is holding the conference “Images and Memories of Dictatorships” by Denize Araújo

Speaker Denize Araújo is a postdoctoral researcher at CIAC, where she developed the project “Images of Dictatorship or Dictatorship of Images: memories and aesthetic subjectivities” [the English translation «aesthetic» loses the clever positioning of brackets in the original Portuguese in the same word «est(ética)s» which highlight the word «ethics»] under the supervision of Professor Vítor Reia-Batista. This research focused on the many types of memory that revisit dictatorial processes, emphasising a kind of memory that is continually remade, which the researcher refers to as “memory metamorphosis”. The corpus of the research included films about the dictatorships of countries of South America and Europe, focusing on the Brazil-Portugal relationship.

In this conference, Denize Araújo will present the results of her research and three Brazilian short films will also be screened:

Ilha das Flores, Jorge Furtado, 15’

Como se morre no cinema, Luelane Correa, 2002, 19’

A alma do negócio, José Roberto Torero, 1996, 8’

The event will take place on May 18, at 3.00 p.m., in the Saramago Amphitheatre (0.5) on Penha Campus at the University of the Algarve. Admission is free.