On 25 November 2022, at 18h00 (Lisbon time), the project ALMA – Antropofagia, Literatura, Modernismo e Audiovisual promotes its sixth (and last) conference of a series dedicated to anthropophagic thinking. “Antropofagias Tecnológicas ” [Technological Anthropophagies], the debate panel will be attended by directors Charles Bicalho and Isael Maxacali; and moderated by Jorge Carrega (CIAC/UAlg) and Cláudio Santos Rodrigues (UEMG).

This session focuses on the animated film The Maxakali Flood (2016)—a version of Maxakali for the Flood story. The event takes place online and will be broadcast on CIAC’s Youtube channel. The production and animation process were carried out from workshops done with the indigenous people, who participated in the process.

The series of conferences has been running since March 2022 and brought together writers, filmmakers, artists, and academics from Brazil, Portugal, and Angola. The aim is to reflect on the idea of Anthropophagy as a key to understanding contemporary topics that transcend national identity issues, and also refer to the cultural relationship between Portugal and the former colonies—Brazil and Africa.

The project ALMA-Anthropophagy, literature, modernism and audiovisual was created through a partnership between LABOR- Laboratório de Estudos do Discurso (Federal University of São Carlos), CIAC – Research Center for Arts and Communication (University of Algarve), UEMG – Universidade Estadual de Minas Gerais and Polo Audiovisual da Zona da Mata. The project team is composed of Mirian Tavares and Jorge Carrega (CIAC/UAlg); César Piva (Zona da Mata Audiovisual pole); Vanice Sargentini, Daniel Laks, Pedro Henrique Varoni De Carvalho and Rodolfo Magalhães (UFSCar); and Cláudio Santos Rodrigues (Universidade do Estado de Minas Gerais).

Participation in the conference is free of charge and grants a certificate (upon registration here).


About the guest speakers:

Charles Bicalho holds a degree in Letters, Portuguese Language (1997) and German Language (2000) from UFMG; a master of Arts in Literary Studies from the University of New Mexico (UNM), USA, in 2004; and a Ph.D. in Literary Studies from the Faculty of Letters of UFMG with the thesis “Koxuk, the image of yãmîy in maxakali poetics”, in 2010. Professor of Scientific Methodology, Reading and Production of Texts, Media Culture, and Education at the State University of Minas Gerais (UEMG). Founding member and coordinator of Pajé Filmes, an indigenous audiovisual production company. Director of the short films “Caligrafilmes” (2008); “Making Of Dicionário” (2012); “Pirapora” (2012); “Konãgxeka: O Dilúvio Maxakali” (2016) e “Mãtãnãg, A Encantada” (2019).

Isael Maxacali is an indigenous person born in the village of Água Boa, municipality of Santa Helena de Minas (MG). He has been participating in video workshops in Belo Horizonte since the 2000s, learning how to shoot and produce his films, as well as drawing. He has directed several indigenous-themed and animated films, such as the feature film “Yãmiyhex: as mulheres-espírito” (2019), co-directed by Sueli Maxakali; and the animated short film “Konãgxeka: O Dilúvio Maxakali” (2016), with Charles Bicalho.