International Meeting

International Meeting

CIAC is present at the International Meeting # 18.ART in Lisbon.

Rui António and Mirian Tavares presented the paper “Barthes Plastic Extended: an interactive documentary installation” at the Panel dedicated to Installation and Space / Interactive Design.

This research work establishes a dialogue, in interactive documentary format, with the text “Le Plastique”, published in the late 1950s (1957) by Roland Barthes in his book Mythologies. In the text Barthes reveals the fascination with plastic, a matter that was becoming omnipresent at that time, due to its opacity and malleability and, above all, its artificiality – it was a hybrid, alchemical material, composed of other elements and therefore unnatural. More than 60 years later, the text is revisited by the documentary that incorporates awareness of the environmental impact of plastic on the environment. Between the fascination with the material and the awareness, we invite the viewer to build a path of his own, obtaining new and varied information with each interaction.

The doctoral student in Digital Media Art, Hugo Paquete, brings to this Meeting some conclusions of his PhD research, presenting, together with his supervisors, Adérito Fernandes Marcos and Paulo Bernardino Bastos, the paper “Zoonose: leptospirose e os ritmos espirais como infeção sonora e musical” and the Artist Talk: “Dromologia dos corpos orbitais: Projeto de desenvolvimento de hardware e estratégias de composição sonora, com recurso ao movimento de satélites e a outros objetos humanos exteriores à terra”. Finally, the student presents the communication “O corpo terminal do terceiro milénio: Rede de conexões e a obsolescência estética”, in the panel “Art and Biology: Dystopias and Utopias”.

The International Meeting #18.ART: “THE ADMIRABLE ORDER OF THINGS: art, emotion and technology,” seek to analyze concepts that arise from artistic, technological and scientific practice of its participants, and to confront them with notions arising from the contemporary thinking of the nominated authors or other proposed inter-actors.

According to the organization of the event, this meeting allows the creation of strategies and methodologies for presentation, registration and critical interdisciplinary analysis in a process of mapping action and thinking, which allow the construction of a platform for discussion and consultation and a critical analysis and their multiple meanings. It also contributes to the creation of publics with various simultaneous exhibitions and to the creation of a legacy of investigation, a deepening understanding in a territory that is inscribed beyond its physical limits and is in perpetual movement. As a map, simultaneously aesthetic, political, cultural and affective.

The International Meeting # 18.ART takes place at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lisbon (FBAUL), from October 17th to 19th.