On June 25, 2022, CIAC researcher Gabriela Borges will attend the COMEDIG Congress as an invited speaker. Under the theme “Digital and Media Literacy: from research to education”, the event takes place at the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences, University of Coimbra.

“The training in media literacy in the Observatory of Quality in Audiovisual” is the title of Gabriela Borges’ communication. The Observatory of Quality in Audiovisual is a research, teaching and extension project that, since 2013, operates as a space for debate and creation about contemporary audiovisual production (especially Luso-Brazilian). It aims to put into dialogue the concepts of audiovisual quality and media literacy (from the curatorship, analysis and critique of creative content) to elaborate a repertoire of good practices and promote the development of media literacy in the scientific and creative production of students.

The project is distinguished by its interdisciplinary nature, bringing together various social actors in the formation of a broad network with students, researchers, producers, educators and cultural agents. It seeks to promote a critical and autonomous education that is reflected in the formation of active and active citizens for professional practice in the area of communication.

The COMEDIG Congress aims to promote knowledge sharing and reflection on the challenges facing education and research, at a time when digital and media literacy is considered an essential condition for the exercise of citizenship.