Bruno Mendes da Silva represents CIAC and the University of Algarve at the kick off meeting of the COST action “European Forum for Advanced Practices” in Madrid.

This action, which starts in 2019, will last for 4 years and aims to create an European working network including researchers, artists and theorists to reformulate innovative artistic, academic and industrial practices that can be transferred to the private sector and for the civil society.

The Working Group 1, which this researcher integrates with a group of national and international researchers, aims to create a visual and interactive map with different emerging advanced practice typologies.

The first meeting will take place between 11th and 13th October in Madrid.

The COST networks (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) enable the development of scientific knowledge, contributing to the strengthening of Europe as a leader in research. Through its inclusive policy, COST is a unique way for researchers, in a free, open and joint way, to develop their ideas and initiatives. COST promotes the integration and enrichment of the various scientific communities, maximizes national investment in R & TD, and contributes decisively to the defragmentation of knowledge in Europe.