Processos de Criação [Creation Processes] is CIAC’s new book collection dedicated to the studies of creation processes. This collection is conceived of the exchange between CIAC and Research Group on Creation Processes, from Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo (Brazil) and is funded by FCT (Foundation for Science and Technology). The first three volumes are already available in digital format on the collection’s website.

Coordinated by Mirian Tavares (CIAC/UAlg) and Cecília Salles (GPPC/PUC-SP), Processos de Criação aims to offer an instigating panorama on contemporary art. The books in this collection are artistic projects that explore the expansion of creation files (regarding the places they begin to take and the resulting blurring of boundaries between process and work); which call for a theoretical view of the criticism process.

The first book, titled “Eustáquio Neves: sujeito fotográfico” is written by researcher Paula Martinelli. In this volume, images by Eustáquio Neves are the starting point for a wide discussion on photography and the image of art. As a result of meetings between author and artist, the book takes shape by transposing the complexity of the processes to the academic writing itself, establishing theoretical links and renouncing purism.

Roberto Alencar: o corpo em trânsito“, by artist and researcher Wagner de Miranda, is the second book of this collection. The research focuses on the paths of Roberto Alencar’s artistic composition, an artist who wanders amongst body, drawings, performances, and artworks with processes and gears on display.

The third book, “Anna Maria Maiolino: projeto artístico em construção“, is written by researcher Vinícius Gonçalves. The author reflects on the artistic work of Anna Maria Maiolino, through the study of a variety of writings and documents of her creation process. This study points to the abundance in the experimentation of several processes and materials, and discusses fundamental matters for thinking about contemporary art.

The books “Performances: ensaios sobre o espectador” (by Maria Regina Gorzillo) and “Roteiros: do roteirista espectador ao espectador roteirista” (by Patrícia Dourado) will soon be available on the website as well.