Two countries in dialogue through a common project: learn about the exhibitions that open between September and October and materialize the dialogue between two distant cultures. เจรจา เจรจา CONVERSA, first in Thailand, Bangkok, and early October at Club Farense in Faro, are the exhibitions that embody the Cultural Adventures project, an adventure of cultural and aesthetic experimentation across borders.

เจรจา เจรจา CONVERSA is an exhibition of creative, collaborative, and experimental work by students and teachers at University of Technology of Architecture and Design of King Mongkut Thonburi, Thailand, and members of the Research centre for Arts and Communication. This exhibition is part of the work plan of the project Cultural Adventures – Creative Dialogues Between South East Asia & South West Europe, a project hosted by the CIAC.

In 2018, five Southeast Asian creative professionals began a dialogue with five Portuguese artists. This exhibition celebrates the conceptual and emerging (im)material discoveries of this distal interaction process. From this exhibition in Bangkok, open from 28th of September until 6th of October, we can expect a collection of works in different media that seek to answer the initial question of the project: how creative production in art, design and media can contribute to dialogue, interaction and exchange between geographies, histories and cultures?

In October, a few days after the Bangkok exhibition, เจรจา เจรจา CONVERSA  will be in Portugal, at Club Farense in Faro.

The Bangkok exhibition will take place at the Humble Projets Gallery and features the artistic duos:

Teema Muekthong and Rui António;

Bim Sophida and Beatriz Cantinho;

Lim Shi Shien and José Alberto Pinto;

António Araújo and Hanspeter Ammann

Pedro Alves da Veiga

The coordinators of this project are:
in Thailand, Nigel Power, KMUTT, SOA+D;
in Portugal, Bruno Mendes da Silva, UALG, CIAC;
Intermediated by Hanspeter Ammann.

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