On October 14, 2022, from 9h30 to 11h35, CIAC’s project CyPeT integrates the panel “CyPeT-Theory, Practice, and teaching of cyberperformance”, at the VIII Congresso Internacional da Associação Portuguesa de Literatura Comparada [VIII International Congress of the Portuguese Association of Comparative Literature]. With the theme “Olhares Cruzados: Representações das Epidemias nas Artes. Da Catástrofe à Resiliência” [Transversal views: Epidemics representation in arts. From catastrophe to Resilience], the event takes place between the 12th and 14th of October at the University of Évora.

The panel  “CyPeT – Teoria, prática e ensino de ciberperformance” [CyPeT – Theory, Practice and teaching of cyberperformance] is integrated with the thematic “Epidemic and Digital Art”. Among the CIAC researchers that will participate in this congress are: Célia Vieira—University of Maia/CIAC (Coordinator of the panel); Inês Guerra Santos (University of Maia/CIAC); Rosimária Rocha (University of Algarve/CIAC); Pedro Alves da Veiga (Open University/CIAC); Ana Carvalho (University of Maia/CIAC); Juliana Wexel (University of Algarve/CIAC); CIAC), and Ana Clara Santos (University of Algarve/CIAC).

The Performing Arts have been feeling the need to turn to digital technologies, uploading recordings of theater plays, art archives, live rehearsals at home, or more specifically, creating performances for the Internet. These practices are changing habitual practices and creating new opportunities for innovation throughout the creative economy. With the rise of high-speed networks and the massification of online presence, interactive systems have incorporated new features that go far beyond conversation and image sharing, allowing for new forms of cyber interaction and tele-immersiveness—and potentially transforming the whole world into a cyberspace and cyberstage.

The rise of cyberperformance has been reinforced by COVID-19. The pandemic has not only prevented the use of public spaces, but has also contributed to an exponential increase in live experiences streamed by a mass of creators across all major social media networks. This new constitution of the arts calls for a restored effort to research the challenges posed by digital technology in the Performing Arts. In this panel, CYPET’s first research results will be presented. The project targets the theoretical and practical exploration of cyberperformance, from the creative, performative, and communication viewpoints, with the aim of developing a new pedagogical model for inclusion in a higher education curriculum.

VIII International Congress of the Portuguese Association of Comparative Literature is organized by the University of Évora and the University of Madeira. The congress aims to contemplate research about different epidemics (such as the Black Death, The Spanish flu, Cholera, and AIDS) and how they have been seen as catastrophes that caused profound changes in lifestyle and human relationships.

The congress’ program and book of abstracts are available here.