PhD in Media Digital-Art

PhD in Media Digital-Art

The second phase of applications for the Doctoral Degree in Media-Digital Art (in an e-learning regime) is running until September 4

he PhD in Media-Digital Art, established in association by the Open University and the University of Algarve, aims to train highly qualified specialists for the most diverse areas of intervention, whether in research, education, artistic, technological and communicational development, with solid experimentation and exploitation of computer technologies for creation, communication sciences, artistic and intercultural intervention; capable of assuming the leadership of projects of experimentation / investigation-action of artistic and intercultural intervention, individual and collective, that embrace the development of new digital computer applications, products and aesthetic narratives.

The PhD in Media-Digital Art will be able to assume the functions of directing research projects, teaching, developing and creating new aesthetic discourses with high innovative potential that strongly explore the informative and sensorial expressivity of multimedia content, interfaces and interaction technology, aimed at constructing interactive artifacts in the creative industry, cultural and artistic expression, education and entertainment.

Master’s degree holders, or legal equivalent, in the areas of plastic arts, performing arts, , arts education, design, music, literatures, information and communication technologies, multimedia, communication sciences, or other related fields can apply for the PhD in Media-Digital Art.

The PhD in Media-Digital Art has a 6-semester (3-year) duration and is designed to function primarily in e-learning, virtual distance online supported on an e-learning platform with concentrated face-to-face sessions. The face-to-face sessions are intensive and concentrated in the form of a seminar, workshop and atelier, and are scheduled to take place once a year at the end of the first year, during the month of July 2019, lasting 1 week in the form of a Doctoral Retreat.

Note: it is possible to opt for the face-to-face regime for Brazilian students or others who wish to reside in Portugal during the doctoral period.

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