CIAC hereby announces that the 8th ‘Jornadas do CIAC’ research conference is to be held on December 12, at 9:30 a.m., in the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences, at the University of the Algarve.

About the event: Highlights include the latest research carried out within the scope of the centre, reflecting the diversity that characterises it. As CIAC’s second research conference of 2014, the 8th ‘Jornadas’ once again presents a small sample of the work carried out at CIAC in arts and communication. This time, we focus on projects carried out within the scope of the centre, and in particular those of a practical and applied nature, alongside others. We will disclose some of CIAC’s digital platforms, both ongoing and completed, and will present an array of digital artistic creation projects, associated with the advanced learning research done here. Finally, digital culture will rub shoulders, during this conference, with some projects – of a more traditional but no less fundamental nature – in the fields of moving image, theatre or literacy. Yes, the arts are alive. And we recommend them.

Programme: here

Organisation: CIAC / UAlg

CIAC Coordination: Mirian Tavares

Organising committee: 

Sandra Boto (Coordination)

Isa Mestre