The Foundation for Science and Technology promotes Encontro Ciência’21 [2021 Science Meeting], from 28th to 30th June 2021, at the Lisbon Congress Center, with the aim of renewing the broad debate on the main themes and challenges on the scientific agenda. The project “Video games and gamification against online hate speech”, hosted by CIAC, will be presented by researcher Susana Costa, on 29th June, at 11:30am.

“Science that makes Tomorrow and transforms the Economy” is the motto of the Encontro Ciência’21 [2021 Science Meeting]. From the future of employment to space exploration and the climate transition, there are several topics that stimulate interaction and dialogue among participants. The event is organized into different types of sessions, from plenary to thematic, as well as communications, demonstrations and online posters.

Included in the panel “Law, Justice and Institutions”, the intervention of Susana Costa, one of the researchers of the Play Your Role project, will include the presentation of some results of the “Play Your Role: Gamification against Hate Speech”, which is currently in its final phase. It is a project that aims to explore the positive potential of video games to provide safe discussion contexts. Addressing serious issues in a playful way, Play Your Role creates spaces for dialogue, debate and awareness of hate speech from video games.

In addition, some PhD students, with projects under development at CIAC, present digital posters about their work. The highlights are “The National Film Plan in COVID-19 times: The presence of the PNC in social networks during the closing of schools”, work integrated in the study “Education, Film and Social Networks: an investigation into the National Film Plan”, by doctoral student João Pinto, under the scientific supervision of co-authors Teresa Cardoso (LE@D-UAb) and Ana Isabel Soares (UAlg-CIAC); and “VULVA ART, ARTI(VI)SM, DIGITAL MEDIA-ART: Imaging contributions in new feminist aesthetic discourses for a culture of equity”, by doctoral student Juliana Wexel, under scientific supervision of Bruno Mendes da Silva (UAlg and CIAC Vice-Coordinator).

The Encontro Ciência’21 [2021 Science Meeting] is promoted by the FCT in collaboration with Ciência Viva and the Parliamentary Commission for Education, Science, Youth and Sport, with the institutional support of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education. This event aims to enhance the involvement of researchers, entrepreneurs, students and the general public, to promote the discussion of ideas and prepare, in a collective effort, the future of Science and Technology, both in Portugal and in Europe.