Manuel Flores, PhD student at DMAD and CIAC collaborator, will participate in the XII International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies in Education – Challenges 2021, on the 16th of September, from 18h00 to 20h00, with the communication “The contribution of immersive technologies for the study of perspective in the Visual Education subject: A project with 9th grade students”. Promoted by the Competence Center in Information and Communication Technologies of the University of Minho (CCTIC-IEUM), the event will take place online, under the theme “Challenges of Digital”.

Co-authored by António Araújo (UAb/CIAC) and Mauro Figueiredo (UAlg/CIAC), the communication describes the impact of some activities carried out with 9th grade students in the study of perspective, within the Visual Education subject. This approach was based on the contributions of Albrecht Dürer and Filippo Brunelleschi, allowing to establish clear analogies with the current possibilities of mixed reality.

Based on an educational journey, students carried out learning experiences where they combined immersive technologies with analog design. The results show that this approach not only enriched the students’ immersive experience, but also improved their three-dimensional visualization and their ability to self-regulate their learning.

CCTIC-IEUM’s mission is to develop curricular integration and pedagogical innovation with Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), providing support, training, and consulting in initiatives and projects for schools from Elementary to High School.

The program for the event can be seen here.