Tomorrow, December 15, CIAC researchers António Costa Valente, Renato Essenfelder and Ana Isabel Soares will attend the 4th edition of the International Conference “Cinema and the Other Arts”, which will be held in person at the University of Beira Interior and online. This is an initiative that promotes the discussion/reflection on current issues concerning the dialogue between different art forms, having cinema as a contact point.

“The world of Portuguese-speaking arts at the Avanca Film Festival” is the title of António Costa Valente’s communication, integrated in the panel “Cinema and Other Arts” (from 9am to 11am). The articles “And They Lived Happily Ever After? Representations of Love in Cinema”, by Renato Essenfelder, and “The Camera-Man Revolution: From Neuropunks Manifestos to Cinema”, by Ana Isabel Soares, will be presented in the panel “Poetics of Cinema” (from 11h30am to 1h30pm). Besides her presentation, Ana Isabel Soares is the moderator of the panel “Other Cinemas”, which will take place between 2.30pm and 4.30pm.

From the defense of the aesthetic value of the moving image to the most hybrid forms constructed under new references, cinema is in a constant relationship of reciprocity with the other arts. This investigative field finds in the operative possibilities of intertextuality and in the dialogical regime of artistic construction, methodological processes capable of structuring the scientific discourse.

In an attempt to gather efforts to rehearse interdisciplinary and intercultural reading hypotheses, researchers from various scientific areas, with special emphasis on Film Studies, Artistic Studies, and Cultural Studies, who, in different disciplinary fields and stages of research, deal with these issues, will take part in this meeting.