In November, CIAC researcher Alexandre Calado, alongside João Ferro Martins, premier their visual arts play LEBRE – Lances de Hermes. This is a presentation of words as an image-time, of philosophical hip-hop, of cabaret theatre for digital citizens. The premieres on November 5 and 6, 2022, at Musicbox (Lisbon) as part of the Festival Temps d’images. The artists then move on to the Incrível Almadense (Almada), where they present HARE and LEBRE on November 17 and 19, respectively.

The project LEBRE – Lances de Hermes has, as its starting point, the idea that we are in an era of swiftness and communicability, which are attributes of the mythological god Hermes. From another perspective, it assumes a diagnosis of hermetic inflation to the extent that contemporary Western culture suffers from manipulation of information, dissolution of values, and co-modification of culture and the arts.

The god Hermes is a victim of crossroads, messages between worlds, as well as trades and thieves. The motto for this show of disciplinary intersections is set and materializes in a concert of music and spoken word—exploring the illusion between what is happening in real-time and what was pre-recorded. Thus, the artists’ work involves an ensemble of voice, keyboard, bass, percussion/electronics, and video text, which leads us to reflect on the manipulation of information, the dissipation of values, and the constant hurrying.

In parallel, a music concert naturally expands the public presentation of this research. HARE is a band that performs in concerts and is composed of the same members as LEBRE. In addition, the project plans the installation of visual arts pieces, a book edition, and a digital album.

More about the project here.