The performance A Sombra das Ondas, a production of CIAC researcher Rudolfo Quintas will be presented on 05 August 2023, at 19h30, at the Academia Internacional de Marvão para a Música, Artes e Ciências, in Quinta Dos Olhos de Água in Marvão.

“A Sombra das Ondas” is the result of an intense research process on what a body expanded by sound is. It is also the first time that a blind dancer presents a solo in Portugal. A joint will motivated by a multidisciplinary synergy, to which the disciplines of dance, music, digital arts, and software programming, contributed technically and conceptually, in this artistic journey that is ultimately a search for new knowledge. In a time of saturation of optic nerve stimulation, dominating much of the economy and our time, this is also a manifestation of alternative states of seeing, experiencing and feeling.

The day after the performance, Sunday 06 August 17h30, there will be a projection of the film “SONIAL”, a 20-minute short film that portrays a creative process. This is followed by an “artist-Talk: presentation of the DARKLESS project “new mental states of the body through sound (2016-2023)” and finally a round table with the artists, whose objective is a question and answer session about the creative process of the performance.

The project A Sombra das Ondas is supported by CIAC – Research Center for Arts and Communication, República Portuguesa – DGArtes, Academia Internacional de Marvão para a Música Artes e Ciências, Perfomanct, Emerge e Studio Rudolfo Quintas.