The most recent play of the CIAC ‘s collaborator João Garcia Miguel, Medeia, is now in Torres Vedras.

Medeia is most recent creation of the João Garcia Miguel Company (Cia JGM) that marks the beginning of the company work in 2018. It will be on scene in Cineteatro Torres Vedres on April.

Medeia is an adaptation of Francisco Luís Parreira, of Euripides’ text and counts on the interpretation of Sara Ribeiro and David Pereira Bastos. Mário Laginha is the creator of live music. The play had an absolute premiere on February 22 at the Teatro Ibérico in Lisbon.

Medeia, daughter of the king of Colchis, falls in love with Jason, supports him in conquering the golden fleece, the father, saves him and flees with him to Greece. After years of marriage, Jason exchanges Medeia for Gláucia, daughter of Creon, king of Corinth. To protect Gláucia, Creon sends Medea and her children into exile.

Unable to control envy, Medeia revenges herself and death reigns: she kills Jason’s lover and the children of both, letting Jason survive.

About JGM CIA:

Founded 16 years ago, in 2002, the João Garcia Miguel Company is a company of contemporary artistic creation that researches the artistic and creative development in performative arts, explored in the theater. In the course of the company, the search for a difference, a singularity, accompany each new creation. His creations were distinguished and awarded several times, being the most recent in 2014 with the SPA Prize for the Best Theater Show, with the piece Yerma. Cia JGM is a structure financed by the Government of Portugal; Secretary of State for Culture; General Direction Of the Arts.

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