New creation of João Garcia Miguel, collaborator of the CIAC, is directed to the children-juvenile audience

The book Diary of a Migrant, written by Maria Inês Almeida and illustrated by Ana Sofia Gonçalves, was adapted for theater, with the staging of João Garcia Miguel and Rita Costa. On 03rd and 04th May, at 21 hours, the play is presented at the Pedro Arrupe College, in Lisbon, to the general public.

The interpretation is by João Paulo Reis and the music is constructed, live, by Ricardo Martins.

Diary of a Migrant tells the story of a bird, which symbolizes the character of a migrant, who leaves his country, leaving behind his home, friends and family. A moving story, with the awareness of the problem of migrants and refugees.

The play, which has already had a first performance at the Pedro Arrupe College in January, aims to lead his message to various schools, stages and festivals of the country, until his arrival on the stage of the Iberian Theater, where it has its official debut scheduled for the week of October 15th to 21st, 2018.

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