Museu Zer0: Seminar

Museu Zer0, the first Portuguese museum exclusively dedicated to digital art, promotes the Seminar When the Bits Become Form, with the support of CIAC

It is now known program of the seminar, organized by  ILC-Museu Zer0, on the 23rd of September, in the Clube de Tavira, from 09.30h,  with the presence of, among others, the MAAT Director, Pedro Gadanho, and the artist Garry Hill (USA), who will be in Tavira in an artistic residence.

Under the theme “When Bits Become Form”, the aim of this Seminar is to discuss what art institutions and their teams need to enable artists to develop, produce and display their projects properly, as well as to develop networks of cooperation and sharing between local and global creative communities.

The panel discussion will have as its main point of reference the future Museum-Center of digital art in Santa Catarina da Fonte do Bispo. Mirian Tavares is part of Panel 3: Conclusions – Where are we, and where can we get from here, along with Alex Adriaansens, Gary Hill and Pedro Gadanho.

See the full program of the event here.