The CIAC collaborator, João Garcia Miguel, brings “A tempestade” to Loulé

The play “A tempestade” by William Shakespeare will be presented on the stage of Cine-Teatro Louletano on June 2, at 9.30 pm by the prestigious João Garcia Miguel Company (CJGM) led by the CIAC collaborator João Garcia Miguel.

According to the company, “A tempestade” is the motto of creation that seeks to reveal what is puzzling and mysterious in a classic text, reinventing it for our common time.

With the adaptation of texts, direction and staging of João Garcia Miguel from Shakespeare, that structure begins a cycle of dialogue and research about love. It is a play that the CJGM defines as “an emotional metaphor, that starts from the animal instincts that inhabit the man, tie to the ethereal figure of the high human aspirations”. And it is also “a story of revenge and love, with several stories within itself, which researches the unconscious and disruptive confrontations and movements around the emotions,” they say.

The show, which lasts approximately 85 minutes, is aimed at people over 12 years of age.

The tickets have an associated cost per person of 10 euros, going to 8 euros in the case of those over 65 and under 30 years, and the Card Amigo  is applicable to this event.