CIAC ISMAI hosts the 2018 Besides the Screen Conference in partnership with King’s College. The event will take place in two phases: July 2-3, 2018 at King’s College in London and July 5-6 at CIAC-ISMAI, Porto.

The 2018 edition of the 2018 Besides the Screen Conference analyzes issues surrounding the archiving and preservation of audiovisual materials in the 21st century. The issues of archives and their preservation become even more important as audiovisual forms and formats expand exponentially. In this context, everyone working in archives, museums, libraries, and a variety of cultural organizations similarly faces the seemingly impossible tasks of obtaining, storing, maintaining, and making accessible the ever-growing collections of media history.

In addition, these storage and archive topics also have personal resonances, because in many cases our personal libraries, built from physical media, are migrating to their “cloud” storage. Cloud metaphor evokes images from a formless, lighter-than-air solution to all of our storage concerns. However, the material foundation of cloud storage raises questions about access and privacy, power consumption, and emerging memory spaces.

Besides the Screen is an international research network on experimental audiovisuals, which aims to reconfigure the field of film studies by focusing on objects, practices and processes, apparently secondary but intrinsic to cinema. Besides the Screen it also aims to promote an open and horizontal academic environment, favoring research based on practical approaches and artistic collaborations.

Entry is free but conditioned to previous registration through the following email: besedesporto@gmail.com