CIAC collaborator will stage a play adapted from text of Federico Garcia Lorca

A CASA DE BERNARDA ALBA is the great creation of the João Garcia Miguel Company (Cia JGM) that marks the company’s revenue, in the Teatro Ibérico, on October 18 at 9:30 p.m. The play, adpated from the text of Federico García Lorca, was adapted and is staged by the CIAC collaborator João Garcia Miguel.

With the death of the second husband, Bernarda Alba decrees an eight-year mourning and submits her daughters to the seclusion, inside the cold walls of the house, with the windows closed. Two of the daughters, however, in love with the same gallant of the neighborhood, a twenty-five-year-old boy named Pepe Romano, unleash a cruel and dangerous dispute to win the man’s love, with tragic consequences.


Text: Federico García Lorca | Adaptation and Staging: João Garcia Miguel | Performer: Sean O’Callaghan, Anette Naiman, Paula Liberati and Duarte Melo | Costume Design by Rute Osório de Castro | Photography: Mário Rainha

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