UAlg Visual Arts final-year students exhibit at Pavilhão 30 in Lisbon

At the invitation of artist and curator Sandro Resende, who is responsible for Pavilhão 28 and for the Projeto Contentores [Containers Project], the final-year students of the undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Visual Arts at the University of the Algarve will hold a collective exhibition, from June 23 to July 23, at Pavilhão 30, in Lisbon, featuring paintings, sculptures, video installations, installations and photography.

For Pedro Cabral Santos, director of the Visual Arts course, it is very important to hold the final-year student exhibition at Pavilhão 30, a venue of national renown, where other similar courses regularly exhibit. “In our case, it serves two goals: to help promote our course outside the region and also to give our students an opportunity that can be considered almost professional.”

Sandro Resende, the person in charge of the venue, is an important figure in the national and international art scene. He was one of the guests at UAlg’s “Visual Arts Series”, where he had the opportunity to get to know the course better. “It was precisely at this moment that Sandro Resende suggested this to us,” explains Pedro Cabral Santos.

Subsequently, on September 10, this exhibition, entitled Anti-bióptico, will also open at the Santo António Convent, in Loulé, as the course director considers, “it is fundamental to continue to exhibit students’ work in the natural setting, which is the Algarve”.