Pedro Cabral Santo opens the exhibition “Barba Azul a Preto e Branco” [Blue Beard in Black and White]

CIAC researcher Pedro Cabral Santo opens, on October 04, at the Galeria CINCO, in the Cidadela of Cascais, the solo exhibition “Barba Azul a Preto e Branco”.

For this work the artist chose Kurt Vonnegut’s book Bluebeard as his starting point.

The book deals with the life of a rich and famous painter of Armenian origin, Sarkis Karabekian, who decides to hide himself away in a seaside mansion to write his autobiography, while hiding a secret under lock and key, just as the famous pirate Bluebeard. This secret involves the bohemian life of two other painters, Jackson Pollock and Terry Kichen, a real painter and another fictionalised one. The drawing, gives memories a moving confrontation – the rediscovery of life and the early romance of the two painter friends are at the heart of this adventure.

You are hereby invited to experience Pedro Cabral Santo’s exhibition. We look forward to seeing you!